Activities 2018

April 20:

Camani Sensei will visit Holland. A special Keiko (practice)

Will be held as from 16:30 hrs in Gröningen University.

April 21 and 22:

Camani Sensei will visit Timmel (Germany).

Both days, during the morning and the afternoon (as from 10 am): Seminar open to all those who wish to come.

May 31 through June 2:

Camani Sensei will visit Viersen and Anrath (Germany)

To attend the Seminar given by our vice president Sensei Toshimitsu Arakaki (10th Dan Hanshi).

October 13 and 14:

A Taikai (general meeting open to all European Matsubayashi-Ryu students)

Will take place in the Shubukan Dojo (Móstoles – Madrid)